Naruto 688 Scans – Sasuke’s Execution

The idea that Naruto 688 speed is faster than teleportation in getting to a specific point is inherently nonsensical, anyone going with that has probably wandered into some sort of haze. The problem is Sasuke’s execution of an attack after he teleports. It might just be a matter of his inexperience with S/T jutsus, but being able to attack mid-warp is important.

naruto manga 688

naruto manga 688

Otherwise against combatants with ridiculous sensory abilities, like the Byakugan, the advantage he has is lost to a certain extent and it comes down to pure physical speed. The mention of Hiraishingiri is important because it is the only S/T jutsu that seems to inherently make use of the advantage in ‘speed’ in conjunction with an attack, although to be completely honest I still have no clue how that technique actually works.He already experienced through the fragile emotions of what affected him most of his life and what better way than going toe to toe with that person then to have him save his ass again the second time around while giving an unimaginable speech to his top-dog pupil as closure? If this doesn’t light a fire under his ass then I’m sorry but Kakashi should officially be called Kid “pansy” Gohan. The kid Gohan that pretty much couldn’t do jack during the saiyan invasion and let piccolo die. Yeah, that low.

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