Naruto 693 – Sasuke’s Path

It seems to me more likely naruto 693 that Sasuke will simply be shown to have realized he was wrong and he will not seek that path any more. That leaves nothing but wrapping up the loose ends. The other option is that Sauske has to be forced to realize he is wrong in a fight with Naruto. The tinder-box of such a fight would very likely be the question of what is to be done with the Tailed Beasts. Sauske obviously sees the Bijju as part of the “system” he wants to replace. Will he give up on that?

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

And Orochimaru… They’ve got to say something about Orochimaru before everything is all said and done. His ambitions can hardly be just to see what Sauske wants to do. Before he wanted to be immortal and to know all jutsu. So once he is out of the God Tree is he just going to shrug and slither off into the sunset? That would be a singularly unsatisfying end to him. We still don’t even know what happened that turned him against Konoha in the first place, really.Still hung up on the past? Even though we’ve been seeing Sasuke changing for the better? Not shocked, to be honest, as that’s all anyone really has now. “But Sasuke was evil three arcs ago! He tried to kill Naruto five arcs ago! I’m gonna pretend Sasuke said he’d kill anyone who gets in his way of peace even if they are good people, like Naruto, even though this was at the start of the fight and Sasuke seems to be less of a ‘my way or highway’ kind of guy!”

Eh, I hope Orochimaru goes back to being evil. He was the best evil, ignoring his performance in Part II.

Naruto 693 – The Battle Between Them

Of course he’s in for fight of his life. Naruto 693 is even or possibly out match.

I guess everyone forgets that Sasuke was the one to plan/ set this battle up between them. He knows Naruto just as well as Naruto knowing Sasuke.

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

Ok this is the ending. The fight will be spectacular. But here is the new twist.

Sasuke is going to use the Talk no jutsu into him.

He is going to offer the world to him and Naruto will accept. He will realize that this new

Revolution is the answer that Jiraiya couldn’t find. It will have this Luke against the

emperor feel. When Kakashi showed this new awesome skills against Kaguya it made me

wonder why would kishimoto would upgrade Kakashi so much. This is the answer. Sakura

will be colateral damage in this fight with Sasuke switching jutsu, Sasuke will kill Sakura by

switching his body with her when Kakashi attacks him, and this will reignite Naruto. All of

this is obvious the hard part is to find how Naruto will win the fight in a really cool chess

play. Its not going to be about strength or technique but a really ingenious way if you think

about it Hagoromo didn’t give him that much compared with giving Sasuke the Rinnegan.

The whole beast chakra was something he already was capable.

This is the ending I want, maybe the one I don’t deserve, but the one I want.

One Piece 761 – Luffy’s Speed

Since when One Piece 761 manga is Luffy next to light speed? You’re overestimating Luffy’s speed. He’s extremely fast since he can outrun explosions in midair, but he still has a long long long way to go before he can even take on an Admiral, (not even Sabo is doing much to Fujitora although he beat a Vice Admiral with complete and utter ease) so it’s highly doubtful he’s topping the speed tier when there are people like Enel are at lighting speed and PTS Luffy was about as fast as Lucci. He didn’t make a jump up to lightspeed in two years using the same technique.

one piece 761

one piece 761

Plus back in Punk Hazard, when Luffy set the ground on fire because of the speed he was running at, it was implied that the speed he was running at is similar to Smoker’s top speed since they arrived at about the same moment, which exhausted Luffy.

And how did Luffy help Law get his heart back? That was Smoker. All Luffy did to help Law in Punk Hazard was capture Cesar Clown. Which he didn’t even do right since he would’ve killed Cesar if the SAD Tanker didn’t prevent him from falling into the sea.

Law never changed his plan. It’s been made clear this whole thing was to anger Kaido into killing Dofla. Or to at least get an Admiral to face off with him. Law made that alone clear from the conversation he had with Doflamingo on the lifeboat that had Buffalo & Baby 5’s heads. He was using Kaido as an excuse to form the alliance. Even Sanji said that after he was sailing from Greenbit with Cesar.

Law can literally cut anyone in half as long as his ability and Haki can bypass their Haki, which it did with Vergo. You’re acting like Law is a regular swordsman like Zoro. Law’s cutting ability doesn’t even do damage. Trebol threw a galleon with one arm and sniped a goddamn fly between the eyes, and Pica can literally punch you with a fist of BUILDINGS. The only reason why Zoro is “trolling” him is because he’s fighting Pica’s actual body 1v1 in a swords match. When Zoro couldn’t find Pica’s actual body he was the one getting trolled.

Bleach 597 – Byakuya just wasted half a chapter’s time

Anyway, Bleach chapter 597 Kensei did what Byakuya should have done just as easily last chapter, Hisagi should have been slapped out of the way in three seconds flat. Feels a bit like Byakuya just wasted half a chapter’s time. Also, I’d be tempted to say Mayuri and his drugs are approaching hax territory, but to be honest Mayuri’s style is cool enough that I can overlook it.

bleach manga 597

bleach manga 597

I do wonder if we’ve seen the last of Giselle. She got sliced nearly in half before and just pulled herself back together. The Arrancar could have been left to finish her off I suppose, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she appears out of nowhere in Vollstandig soon. There should be chunks of Shinigami zombie all around after the Arrancar took care of them, she could fix herself using them. Or who knows, since her blood is the tool for zombification, maybe it can zombify her once she herself is dead. I’m all for speeding these fights along, but Giselle’s entertaining so I wouldn’t mind her springing back.

It does feel like Pepe was beaten up a little too easily, considering he’s in Vollstandig and Kensei should be weaker than before since he was dead before Giselle’s zombification. Even if he’s an ‘ability only’ SR he should at least have strong enough Blut and enough techniques to handle Kensei better than that. But in his case I don’t particularly mind him being brushed off speedily. Plus I’m curious as to what Liltotto’s capable of. Maybe she gets stronger by eating people as powerful as another SR, but then even if not she and Power Girl did better against Byakuya than the other 3, so she seems to be strong as it is.

What did stick out to me is that the point was made that Rose and Kensei are actually dead. I hope it stays that way and they don’t get revived as some kind of annoying copout. Although I fully expect Hitsugaya to be revived, but he wasn’t dead before being zombified so it’s semi-excusable in his case. Speaking of him, maybe he’s been sent off to assist against Bazz-B.

Naruto 692 Spoilers – Villain was defeated

This isn’t the final chapter, these naruto 692 loose ends were saved for the sake of having something to tie up after the villain was defeated. Otherwise we would have a sudden end.

naruto manga 692

naruto manga 692

“After all that has happened, nothing seems to surprise me anymore. I’m pretty tired of it, honestly.”
Yeah… she was straight to the point. Sakura’s comment summed it up extremely well… It feels like Kishi is doing his own self-criticism… Still can’t believe how accurate this is. Definitely sig-worthy. The Yin and Yang chakra which belonged to him returned to him, so I guess there’s nothing else to take back.Chapter was pulling at my heart strings the entire time, no Donflamingo. However, if the part where Naruto says his mother should find a woman like her means Kishi is going to have Naruto confess to Sakura, I’ll be a bit upset. I mean Hinata almost died for Naruto twice. What did Sakura do? Felt some type of way upon seeing Sasuke. I’m normally not the shipping type, but Kishi needs to stop playing around and pair up Naruto and Hinata. NarutoxSakura is lame, straight up.

One Piece 760 Spoiler – Ope Ope fruit

Clearly your not getting what one piece 760 I’m saying . Law is a swordsman first . With his Haki he could manage himself . His Ope Ope fruit only comes from his love of being a Doctor . We can’t say he wouldn’t be able to doing anything without his fruit, I think your not understand that Devil fruit abilities isn’t the only way to fight , that’s why Oda invented Haki and Rokushiki . Him thinking thing out is his personal ability . Seen a couple of times just like when he wasn’t ready to go to the New World yet , everything that happen yet was in his plan .

one piece 760

one piece 760

I’m talkin about him using Shambles to get Luffy to hit Doflamingo instead. Without the ability to switch, Doflamingo would not have been touched.

But as you’re talking overall, then yeah, Law would still be a big name, but we don’t know how big of a name. It’s clear that his devil fruit has boosted his ability to fight.I felt bad for Bellamy, I completely understand why Luffy is pissed, that was Bellamy’s idol. Imagine if Shanks had acted a similar way to Luffy after he idolized him, that would break Luffy’s heart and Im not sure how he would come to terms with that.

Law and Luffy’s teamwork was insane to be honest, man Doflamingo is a cool villain. I can’t seem to hate this guy, he’s pretty charismatic although he has done some of the worst crimes in One Piece history, completely dwarfs Crocodiles crimes, and Crocodile was downright bad in Alabasta.

Some people complain about this arc but If you read it in one go, this arc is freakin incredible. Think about all the things that have happened in this arc, and Its not over yet and has been going up for about the past 4-5 chapters.

But Man, Law and Luffy are an awesome team I really like their alliance, and Oda’s art was just fantastic this chapter.

One Piece and Toriko both had amazing chapters the past couple of weeks.